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Profile: Adu Gyamfi the Troy MC


Adu-Gyamfi Augustine is a well-rounded Marketing and Events person (Emceeing) with 8 years of experience in brand activation and 5 years experience in events management from (Eddaniels Limited, 4 years in event hosting, and 1 year in Real Estate Brokerage. He has worked with lots of corporate brands like Samsung, Busy internet, StartimesGH, etc in the past.

He also had a short stay at Citi FM, where He worked for DJ Armani as his personal producer. Most recently, He Hosted the Launch of the CERATH Development Organization’s (CDO) coconut waste project at the @mensvichotelsgh in Accra. His main focus is creating content that will not only inspire others but also create lasting memories when it comes to events hosting.

Adu Gyamfi MCing an event


Adu-Gyamfi the Troy Mc has the most wonderful family one could ever wish for. He comes from a middle-class family where both parents are civil servants. He has 3 beautiful sisters, one charming niece, and a smart nephew.

Growing up was awesome because as a child he had literally no responsibilities as he was lucky to have a whole extended family around him. He grew up on the streets of Mamobi-Nima, then to Madina and Adenta in Accra, playing soccer, running around, playing some local games was the best moments he had as a child.

Adu Gyamfi MCing a wedding ceremony


Adu Gyamfi had his primary education at Dieudonne International School in Accra, then continued to St Dominic’s Secondary School at Kwehu- Pepease. Right after his secondary education, he gained admission at Zenith university college, where he read Human Resource Management.


Adu Gyamfi’s journey as a professional MC started 4 years ago. During some of his brand’s activations, he picked up positive feedbacks from clients and colleagues on how well he expresses himself and makes presentations interesting and exciting. He later had to build on it and make it work.

In an interview with him concerning his first gig, Adu-Gyamfi said,” Mind you, it wasn’t easy getting my first gig. Prior to how I got my first gig, I had hosted a few corporate and in-house parties at work. But when I decided to go professional, I wasn’t getting events to host, especially weddings, where I thought my expertise was

Adu Gyamfi the Troy MC

I remember this one time, my friend was getting married and asked him to allow me to emcee for him. His response was “Chale I hear you”, two days after, he got back to me and said, “my woman says she has an emcee, and besides your friend hasn’t even hosted a wedding before”. And that was how difficult it started. Even family friends won’t give me that opportunity because they felt I wasn’t good.”

He also added by saying, “My first gig and breakthrough event was when another friend gave me the chance to host his wedding. He wasn’t too sure about giving me the chance, but after the event, I ended up getting two referrals. I never dreamt of becoming an MC. Growing up, it was football. I was very good at it and everyone who knew me then thought I would become the next Abedi Pele.”

Motivation and Inspiration

Talking of what motivates and inspires him, Adu Gyamfi had this to say. “In life , lots of things motivate me, the environment in which I grew up, my family, friends, books and life happenings .
But in my working space and what I do, it’s the kind of feedback i get from clients , event vendors , and even people who haven’t experienced me yet but are willing to give me the chance.

When it comes to personalities, I can say, Ekow poncho, growing I never missed Guinness for your dancing feet. The host Ekow Poncho’s delivery and how humorous he was got me glued to my tv each time. Bola Ray, years back when he was the host of Music Music on Tv3.

Fast track today, almost every other MC out there motivates me. The one compliment which forever makes me smile is the way I conduct my shows with grace, professionalism, passion, and the kind of energy I channel into every event I host. My biggest strength as an emcee lies in my experience.”

Event Focus

When it comes to hosting events Adu Gyamfi tilts towards weddings more. That’s not to say he doesn’t host other events apart from weddings. He is available to host all manner of events.


Speaking of hobbies Adu Gyamfi shared this, “They say “All work and no play doesn’t just make Jill and Jack dull, it kills the potential of discovery, mastery, and openness to change, flexibility and it hinders innovation and invention.” So I play soccer a lot when I get the chance, these days every Sunday evening. I read a lot, and funny enough, I also sleep a lot, I watch lots of movies as well ( Documentaries, educative, fiction, comedy, and sometimes romantic movies).

A typical day for me; I normally wake up around 4:30 am, my quiet time and devotion follow closely. Sometimes I have breakfast at 6 but I’m really not a breakfast person. 6:30, I leave home for work, sometimes meetings, then lunch at some of my favorite spots, at around 3:00 pm I make my way home, depending on the itinerary for the day.”

Challenges and Solutions

Adu Gyamfi shared with us some challenges faced on the job and how he works around it.

Adu Gyamfi shared with us some challenges faced on the job and how he works around it.
“I personally feel there is no challenge once you are well prepared for every show and you carry a lot of experience in the events industry. It’s all about how you conduct yourself that matters. My personal saying goes, “You are as good as your last show” so since events is a live industry you can not afford a mistake.

With everything we do as humans, there’re challenges, when it comes to challenges in the emceeing space, one can group it into two ;

1. Personal challenges. If you don’t work on yourself and the craft , it’ll become a challenge. I always have to learn on the job and make sure I’m equipped mentally, because that’s the only way I can gain knowledge to make it work(ii)industry challenges.

2. Industry challenges: With industry challenges, it could be time factor, where most events don’t start on time and meet people who don’t take what they do seriously.

Time management, brand management, communication, client satisfaction, and professionalism are all challenges some of us face in the event space. But we could do better and make it work.
Positive feedbacks, referrals, client satisfaction, and being able to put smiles on the faces of clients and wedding guests I could say is the most exciting aspect of my job as an emcee.”

Awards and Recognition

A month ago Adu Gyamfi the troy MC won the Best Emcee at the maiden edition of the African Wedding Makers Awards 2021 (AWEMA ).