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President of Dog lovers in Lagos slams Hilda Bassey and social media influencer Enioluwa for encouraging eating of dog meat (video)


The President of Dog lovers association in Lagos, Jackie, has taken to social media to slam popular Influencer, Enioluwa and Nigerian chef, Hilda Bassey after they shared a video talking about dog meat.

Few days ago, Hilda Bassey accompanied by Enioluwa, visited Akwa Ibom state, for her homecoming celebration after attempting to break the Guinness World Records for the longest cooking time by an individual. 

In one of the videos shared, Hilda introduced Eniola to one of her state’s local delicacies which is dog meat, and asked him to try some. Though Eni resisted, however Hilda tried to force the meat into his mouth.

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Reacting to the video, Jackie who is the President of My dog and I group in Lagos, slammed them for encouraging the practice of eating dog meat. She then berated Hilda for celebrating such a practice when the world is at the moment, waiting for the Guinness World Records to ratify her as new world record holder. 

Jackie in a video shared, showed off her dog who she referred to as ‘’my son” and wondered if Hilda and Enioluwa would be thinking of eating him as well. 

Eniola or Hilda are yet to react to Jackie’s statement.

Watch the video Jackie shared berating Hilda and Enioluwa shared below…