Positive Dreams And Spiritual Meaning


    We have positive dreams and negative dreams. Dreams have spiritual purpose and message they are communicating . It is thought that by reading and interpreting your dreams you can discover things about yourself

    Going for long-co or short-cal in toilet or washroom – It is sign of relieve or cleansing. It is a good dream / positive dream spiritually

    Dream about Key-In the Bible, key represent open doors (Deut 28:6, Isa 22:22). If you dream of a key represents feelings of access, control, or freedom to do something. Key dream stand as a symbol of solution to a problem. For example, when you dream that you were given bunches of key or a single key, it simply means that God is about to answer your prayers. The meaning could reflect the presence of favour or might breakthrough will locate you soon. Keys are precious device

    Building a house – It means you are raising an altar for God and there is God’s favor in your life

    Owning and driving Car or Nissan Matatu – it is sign God has given victory and something new spiritually or physically.

    Washing cloths – If you dream of washing your clothes, whether in a river or elsewhere, then it symbolizes eliminating spiritual problems . It may also mean that you are making a full time cleansing from indecent dressing.

    Taking fresh milk – Its a positive dream to take fresh milk

    Eating Bread – Its good dream to take bread, its word of God sinking deep in your life

    Fetching Clean Water from Stream or well – if you dream of fetching water, it indicates abundance blessings is on your way. Clean water is a means of sanctification and healing through the Holy Spirit if you use the river water to wash your hands and legs. Keep praising God and thanking God for 7 days for your blessings to come through. Use Psalm 16, Psalm 27. Also use water to pray.

    Using Soap – Soap is a sign of purification and cleansing and is one of the positive dreams

    Killing a goat, cow or Chicken – To see cow in your dream means difficulty, evil monitoring spirit, and incomplete deliverance. If the cow was chasing you in the dream, it means foundation battles and stubborn pursuer of your progress. If you see a dead cow, it signifies troubles. But if the cow hurt you and kill it in the process, it shows you will notice sound victory over your enemies and therefore positive dream. 

    Carrying a sword or Gun – God has given you protection against your enemies. Its a good dream spiritually.

    Ordinary Rain – In James 5:18, Lev 26:4, I Kings 18:41-45, describe rain as an increase, fruitfulness, reaping time etc. When it comes to rain, the Bible has explained the significant meaning behind this dream. If you dream that rain fell upon you in the spirit or you were drenched by the rain, it signifies the opening of your heaven to a certain situation of your life. If you felt so happy after rain fall upon you then it symbolizes spiritual purification and wholeness

    Being in a school to better your education ( But not Backward dreams like being in former high school – God is trying to uplift you in spiritual world and is going to teach more things you didn’t know . It is one of the Positive dreams one can experience

    Cutting down trees – It is sign of victory of the many thing the devil planted in your life. It is a good dream

    Demolishing walls – Demolishing wall is positive dream spiritually. It signifies destroying the altars the powers of darkness built against you

    Carrying a good Phone– It is a actually a good dream. Carrying a good phone that is working is a sign you are spiritually connected to God

    Carrying torch or anything with light – Light is sign of the holy spirit. Carrying torch is positive dream meaning God id on your side and the enemies cannot overcome you or hide anything.

    Dream About FLOWERS- If you dream about flowers, it symbolize beauty, compassion, pleasure, kindness, and gains. They are also symbols of God’s love. A dream about flowers might be an expression of your love, happiness and joy having towards others. If you receive flowers, then it signify the favour of God and man

    Carrying a baby – The Bible says, children are a gift from God and they are reward from him (Ps 127:3)