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Popular News Anchor Kwadwo Dickson Angrily Open Secrets


Popular Angel TV News Anchor Kwadwo Dickson could hold his anger on Live radio as he broke his usual protocol of been nice throughout his presentation and descended heavily on a section of Ghanaians with a bitter truth everyone have kept secret.

Reacting to the court necklace hanging around the neck of Akuapem Polo for Allegedly taking an unusual picture with his son.

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Kwadwo Dickson explained that those that are heavy on the internet bashing and insulting Akuapem Polo are the very people who watched most of her trending semi naked videos on the internet.

He added that, they will bash you and secretly go and watch. To Him, that is hypocrisy in the first level. He advised Ghanians to desist from living on double standards as hypocrites.

He added that it’s time to call what is wrong as wrong and Condemn when necessary.

The hypocrisy is enough. He angrily blasted on the News seat.

Is he right ? Do you side with Kwadwo Dickson?