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“No more Figure Eight, I am Going for Brains”, Funny Face Discloses


Most people fall in love with physical qualities.The concept of who an ideal partner is, to many, has always been physical appearance. Our comedian Funny Face is not an exemption.

He did not only fall in love with physical appearance once but twice. Which has resulted in the comedian experiencing two divorces. In his case, it is twice bitten, twice shy. We believe the comedian has had his fill of failed relationships. He has decided to look for other features in his women.

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In an interview with Regina Van Helvert on Ghone, he revealed he accepts every blame for his failed marriages whether he was at fault or not. Because he will never stop chasing figure eight. 

He gave his reason for his preference in his women by drawing an analogy with heavy machines stating that when he was young, he didn’t get anything big. Everything he had, he had to share. So, when he grew up and realized he can handle every machine, he decided to work with it. ‘’Now, everywhere there is a heavy machine, I am there’’ the comedian revealed.

The comedian shed some tears on the TV station when he tried recounting his experiences in his past relationships. He stated he is always a victim because he is too emotional. ‘’I love and care too much’’ he lamented.

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He indicated he doesn’t want to explain himself concerning his past relationship each time he is asked because he wants to protect his children. 

In his final words, the comedian stated, “No more figure eight, I am going for brains”, he disclosed. He stressed he needs a woman who will support his dreams.

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