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Netizens go after Kennedy Agyapong after claims that Captain Smart owes him Ghc10,000


Netizens have trashed Kennedy Agyapong’s claims that suspended Angel TV/FM broadcaster, Captain Smart owes him Ghc10,000.

Captain Smart was chastised by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, a notorious Ghanaian politician and MP, two days ago over his stand against Akufo-Addo’s government.

According to the NPP firebrand, the well-known broadcaster owes him Ghc10,000, which he has yet to pay, and has repeatedly thrown him out since he asked for his money.

Speaking during a show on which he was been interviewed on his own TV station Net2 he revealed that Captain Smart came for some air conditions from him which were worth over Ghc10,000 but he has not made any effort to pay back.

A section of Ghanaians has slammed the NPP firebrand’s allegation, claiming that it is one of his usual gimmicks to mock and berate anybody who criticizes Nana Addo.

The following are some of Ghanaians’ responses to Kennedy Agyapong’s outrageous allegations against Captain Smart on Twitter:

@Ken Aidoo-Borsah: “My question is who is Kennedy Agyapong actually fighting for, and what is he defending? Ghana or his party. His is all over the radio and tv but hardly do we see him talking in parliament. His job is to make and enforce Laws as a parliamentary but no he has become social media personal fighting those who speak against the bad system. He has a diplomatic passport and still takes ex-gratia. Ghana, as a mother needs someone to defend her as her Children, are without light, good drinking water, good roads, No jobs, bad educational system and high cost of living yet the interest is party and not Ghana HOW!!!.”

@Agbesi Mawuko Senyo: “If he is owing you does it means he shouldn’t criticise the government over excessive borrowing? Ghana is sick because of greedy leader and wicked politicians.”

@Tom-dill Bright: “We have such people as MPS in Gh. I shock give Ken paaaa eiiiiisshh.

@Steve Amoah: “Please honorable, he is talking for our nation Ghana, not he owing you. Please that one is between you and him.