Home Entertainment “My New Song, Try Again, Was Inspired By Emelia Brobbey”- Tracey Boakye

“My New Song, Try Again, Was Inspired By Emelia Brobbey”- Tracey Boakye


Popular Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Tracey Boakye, has joined the bandwagon crossing carpets from the movie industry into the music industry.

Like Emelia Brobbey, Tracey Boakye has received some backlash for her new endeavor titled “Try Again”. While some complained about her voice, others are complaining about the genre of her song, since they claim she’s not righteous enough to do Gospel. Another group is also concerned about the artist she featured, Bro Sammy, who has recently been mixed up in a lot of controversial cases in Ghana.

However, unlike Emelia Brobbey, Tracey Boakye in an interview says she has had the singing talent for so many years, explaining that she used to lead worship in her High School for 4 years. She also responded to those judging her not to cast the first stone since they can’t tell whom she truly is by the videos of her and news on the internet.

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Contrary to what Ghanaians think, Tracey Boakye says she did not venture into the music space because of the current state of the Ghanaian movie industry, in fact, according to her, she is part of the few movie producers still operating in the industry.

She also congratulated her cohort, Emelia Brobbey for paving the way and inspiring her to boldly venture into music after procrastinating for so long. Like Emelia Brobbey, Tracey Boakye hopes to be in the music industry for a long time, performing on various platforms when given the opportunity.