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My husband does not give me ‘chop money’- Woman complains online


A married woman has complained to an online counsellor about how her husband is acting irresponsibly as far as providing her funds to maintain her is concerned.

See the woman’s full post as sighted on Naaijaparents:

I am a second-time mom. My first child is three years old and I am a businesswoman. My husband and I got married in 2018 and prior to our marriage, we were friends for four years, just friends not relationship.

I worked for his elder brother as a sales girl so we used to see each other frequently because he comes around from time to time especially when his brother is not around.

We began dating after some time and got married later. Our marriage has been good. He took very good care of me after I gave birth to my first child but he is acting weird this time around.

I stopped my business after I gave birth, I didn’t have anyone to stay at the shop for me so I had to lock my shop for the meantime pending when I am strong enough to reopen and continue my business.

I am not used to begging for money but after giving birth I spent a lot on my baby and myself. I bought all the baby clothes and even bought foodstuff that will last a long time after giving birth. I spent a lot of money all from my business.

I didn’t even ask my husband for a dime. Even after I gave birth, I continued buying things from my money till I was low on cash.

I still have some money from my business but knowing who my husband was, I didn’t want to use my Capital and buy things. I decided to reserve my Capital for my business so that when I decide to start my business again, I won’t have to beg my husband for money.

The problem now is that my husband doesn’t drop money for anything. Whenever he is going out,he leaves without even asking me if there’s anything we were lacking in the house. I have been managing but this is becoming too much.

I just gave birth but the psychological trauma I experience is because of him. I have even lost weight due to malnutrition and stress. I don’t know what to do.