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“Most Musicians Seek For Features from Big Artists Because They Lack Confidence in Their Creativity”. – Exdoe


Yesterday, musician Kwaw Kese was under Twitter inferno for his public acclamation of Sarkodie ignoring his calls for features. While some felt he was ungrateful for saying that considering that he has a major hit which features Sarkodie, others believe Sarkodie is becoming very popular for ignoring colleague artists and was worth pointing out.

Later that day, speaking to the legendary musician, Exdoe, he also had an experience with some crop of the current raining stars. To him, he believes in most cases old or upcoming artists want to ride on the shine and buzz around the current artists to revive or boost their brands which to him shows a complete lack of confidence in their creativity. Emphasizing that, “If you are sure that the song you have is good you won’t be forcing for a feature from other artists to make the song better.”

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However, he admits it can get painful when you call an artist for a feature and not hearing from them, especially when the fans are calling for it. He also admits that for an artist to feature on a song, there were so many factors involved which include business, relationship, and mostly creativity.