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Megan Thee Stallion Says She Paid Kelsey’s Rent, Denies Asian Doll Feud


Megan Thee Stallion and her former best friend Kelsey Nicole are nowhere close to mending their relationship.

The Houston Hottie is denying that she was beefing with Asian Doll leading to a mini-feud with her ex-bestie Kelsey Nicole on Monday night. The two things are unrelated but got started after Megan Thee Stallion got on Live with her hairdresser Jonathan Wright as they spoke cryptically about a female he hung out with recently that Megan didn’t like.

However, Kelsey Nicole popped up to respond to Megan despite the Houston rapper not mentioning anything about her.

The two females are no longer friends after Megan Thee Stallion was allegedly shot by Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. Megan, in the past, called out Kelsey for accepting money from Lanez to maintain her silence in the shooting incident. She is the only witness in the alleged shooting.

The whole argument began while Megan was on Instagram Live with Wright. “Don’t say no names and don’t say nothing stupid ’cause we ain’t giving nobody no free press,” Megan said.

Jonathan said, “I’m about to go out with this b**** I know you don’t like,” in the video.

However, many social media users immediately felt that it was Asian Doll, who is a long-time client of Wright.

Megan cleared the air immediately. “Wasn’t about Asian so now what,” she said. Some social media users sought to stoke the fire, however, as they called out Megan for ending the Live because she “didn’t want them problems.”

“Never been p***y,” Megan responded. Kelsey Nicole, however, felt it was her being hinted at and left a comment on a post of Megan’s tweet.

“PUT A NAME ON ITTTTT THEN,” she said. Kelsey elicited a response from Megan, who seemed to have the time. “But when I was paying your rent [laughing emoji]. Cause court lemme go,” Megan said.

Kelsey also came back with several responses claiming to have done homework for Megan Thee Stallion in the past while she was in college.

“Y’all don’t know the behind the scenes s****…it definitely had been got back to me words from her mouth about Jonathan coming around me. So I just want to know! Cuz the slugs is dead,” she said in one response.

“She don’t want war with me for real , 2 years later im still on her mind. I be minding my business,” Kelsey added.

“BUT WHEN I WAS DOING YOUR HOMEWORK THOUGH @theestallion,” she added in a trio of responses under one post. “& the rent comment is dead! I had my own sh*t , she want y’all to think I was down bad so bad BUT IM LIVING PROOF OF WHY YOU STAY ON YOUR OWN JOURNEY CUZ THESE HOES WILL USE YOU & ACT LIKE THEY WAS HOLDING IT DOWN ON THEIR OWN.”

Megan has not responded to Kelsey since, but she has expressed in the past her feelings about Kelsey’s alleged betrayal.

In the meantime, Megan and Tory Lanez are set to head back to court for the felony shooting charges against him. The rapper is accused of shooting Megan in the heel area of both feet. Medical reports show that the rapper had bullet fragments in both of her feet after the shooting incident. Lanez has pleaded not guilty and disputes that he shot her.