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Meet The Host Of Date Rush; Giovani He Is Probably The Man Every Lady Would Want


In today’s article, which is actually my first article on this platform, I will introduce a very phenomenal person to you. He goes by the name Giovanni Caleb.

Caleb Giovanni is a journalist, influencer, brand ambassador (for Malta Guinness) and a media host. He is married to a very beautiful woman, Belinda Boadu. He co-host the popular television show Date Rush, and doubles as the host for other TV and radio programmes in Ghana, his motherland.

Recently, he took to social media to share some photos outstanding social significance. This is what most people will describe as “A family man.” The norm among most Ghanaian men is that even though they are very hardworking, they tend to overlook some tasks such as caring for babies.

Most Ghanaian men relegate home tasks such as changing diapers, cleaning after babies, feeding babies, etc to the sole responsibility of their partners or wives. It is only a very small fraction of Ghanaian men who actually share some of these responsibilities with their wives.

Caleb was seen, in the photos he posted, carrying his lovely daughter on his back, feeding her, singing her to sleep, cleaning her, etc. In my own discretion, I think he even does more than this; for instance even changes diapers and all, but one cannot post such pictures online due to the nature of such graphics.

One can say, without a doubt that Caleb is a very good husband. Although he is a very busy man, he still finds time to be with family and take up some responsibilities at home, which the ordinary or average working Ghanaian man will ignore. To the best of my knowledge, he is the guy most ladies would want as a husband.


To all the guys out there, if you are looking for ways to spice up your marriage or relationship, be the difference among all men. This means that identify tasks which most men ignore almost all the time, and do them for your partner. The example demonstrated by Giovanni Caleb is very good for couples with children.

There are other things which a lot of men ignore. Your task is to identify those tasks, and do them for your lover. Continue doing it and you will see the massive positive impact it will have on your relationship.

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