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Medikal Calls Out Eno For Being Ungrateful And Disrespectful


The lyrical beef between the ladies in the entertainment industry has taken a drastic turn with Medikal getting dragged in it by Eno Barony.

While she didn’t come out to clearly call Medikal out as the recipient of her punches, it seems Medikal in his own corner has felt the heat and has decided to reply.

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Medikal, who made it clear he was never going to record a diss song for a lady has taken to his twitter account to go down memory lane with Eno Barony, publicly announcing the good he did for her about 4 years ago tagging her as ungrateful and disrespectful by taking a shot at him in spite of giving her a free verse without taking a penny for it.

Medikal tweeted; “4 years ago eno Linked up for a feature, gave her a verse and pulled up to shoot the video when called without charging a penny,never expected her to disrespect me in anyway, especially when I haven’t wronged you.This is why people don’t do good sometimes I guess.”

Some on social media feel this revelation was uncalled for since he has also been helped by other artists before.

They also believe since Medikal had already taken a swipe at Eno in a previous post there was no need to inform them about how he helped her in the past. While others believe this was a perfect way to nib Eno Barony in the bud.


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