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Man starts a 200-hour ironing marathon in quest for Guinness World Record


A Nigerian man named Dauda Abdulfatai, has embarked on a 200-hour ironing marathon, aiming to surpass the Guinness World Record held by Gareth Sander of the UK for 100 hours

Dauda started the marathon on Wednesday morning at Off Ajaokuta Road, Ganaja Village, Lokoja, Kogi State after receiving a nod through the mail from the Guinness World Records.

He has completed 80 hours out of the proposed 200 hours for the marathon.

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His goal is to break the existing record of 100 hours held by Gareth Sander of the United Kingdom.

Gareth Sanders, 28, a cleaning company manager, broke the world record for non-stop ironing after ironing around 2,000 items and going flat-out for nearly 100 hours in 2015.

Afua Asantewaa to win 4 Guinness World Records from her Singathon if approved by GWR; Full List

Afua Asantewaa Aduonum, the Ghanaian media personality who recently attempted the Guinness World Record (GWR) longest singing marathon by an individual is eyeing four other records with her 126 hours 52 minutes effort.

It will be recalled that Afua recently disclosed that her team has submitted evidence of the attempt to the Guinness World Records, specifically on Saturday, January 6, 2024 for the necessary review and confirmation of the record after an absorbing attempt across five days.

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However, she has told the Daily Graphic that in addition to the record on singing, the team would also be applying for the first Ghanaian and African female to perform for five continuous days.

The longest-lasting musical event in Ghana and Africa, the first musical show to attract eight DJs in continuous performance across five days, and the first female to attempt a singing marathon.

“I think the current attempt I did captures four records, but many haven’t paid attention. There are many records that I have broken, but you have to apply for them separately.

”Currently, we are doing the longest singing marathon, but it applies for four or five records on their platforms. We have submitted the current one, but we are now going to look into the others. We will submit them separately,” she said.

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