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Malcolm.E gets Jiggy on Lockdown


Eswatini Hip Hop artist Malcolm.E officially released his new single ‘Jiggy’ featuring South African artist Cargo. The track was conceptualised and created during the lockdown.

Malcolm.E says he wanted to give his fans something joyful and motivating, especially as this is a time when many things are uncertain and people might be feeling down.

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The sound of the track is mellow with an upbeat and fun vibe. “Jiggy is about levelling up and setting goals in order to achieve the fullest of your capabilities and reap the benefits. I stretch myself in terms of vocal style with this track so fans can expect that I sound a little different to my usual style,” he says.

Explaining how the song was put together given that he was collaborating with Cargo and producer Trxy who are both based in Cape Town, South Africa; he says lockdown luckily had no negative effect on his music production. “With the use of the internet I was able to contact Cargo and Trxy through email and WhatsApp and get the song done.

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It was countless back and forth of emailing verses, mix changes and recording sessions.” He says artists should not look at the lockdown situation as a disadvantage but rather as a good opportunity to work on your craft, re-evaluate your music strategy and work on other income avenues so as not to depend on income from live performances.

“I will continue spending time in my home studio and working on more releases so please follow me on my social media pages to keep updated on what I am up to,” he concludes.

‘Jiggy’ was released on 19 April 2020 and is available on all major digital streaming platforms including his YouTube channel.

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