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Lord Paper Reacts to Kuame Eugene’s Lumba Video


Although Kuame Eugene has been crowned the king of highlife music in Ghana, Lord Paper with the social media sensation, Bosom P Yung has currently released a new banger titled Asa Bone which creatively brings both old and new school together in a funky way.

While everyone is congratulating and enjoying the new tune which sounds similar to Daddy Lumba’s Akwanoma tune, Kuame Eugene, on the other hand, has released a video singing Daddy Lumba’s Akwanoma song. As some see it as just another post, others have read several meanings into the video saying that it’s a subtle attack from the Rockstar to Lord Paper. According to opinions, Kuame Eugene made the video to enforce his title as the king of highlife music; proving that he knows much about the genre than Lord Paper.

Lord Paper in an interview has also revealed that though people have drawn his attention to the video, he is unperturbed about the intentions behind the video made by the Rockstar since he believes in himself as a versatile artist.

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Lord Paper and Bosom P Yung Asa Bone’s tune has been one of the most talked-about videos since the year started; a perfect unification for the new and old.