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“Listen to My Pricelezz Song with Mugeez A Thousand Times To Unlock A Secret Explicit Verse”.- Efya


The iconic Ghanaian vocalist, Efya Noktunal has released a new song with another artistic musician, Mugeez, titled “Pricelezz” with some very cool features.

Though she terms the song an adult content, the song has no profane or vulgar words or language in it which could make it pass for that. However, in the latest interview with the artist she revealed that there is a hidden verse in the song that is very explicit and could only be unlocked if the listener plays the song over and over again for the thousand times.

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While this seems, strange and IT inclined, it sure is a good bait for having her new song on replay by most curious listeners who want to unlock the secret level to her Pricelezz song with Mugeez.

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