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Ladies: Five Vital Topics To Discuss With Your Fiance Before You Put Ring On His Finger


There are five must-have topics that every engaged couple should discuss before the big day. Do you know what they are?

Getting off to a good start is crucial to any wedding, so engaged couples should take the time to talk about their future together before the party. In this particular write-up, we shall look at five vital topics you need to discuss before you put the ring on his finger.

Secrets. It’s time to be completely honest with your partner. If you have any skeletons in the wardrobe, such as personal problems you’ve never told anyone about, you need to open up to your partner. Secrets always come up in your relationship.

Family. Marriage does not only affect you and your partner. By uniting your destinies, you are also uniting two completely different families. Before you accept this responsibility, agree on the family. Will your parents-in-law have a say in your life together? How often will you visit them? Who will you celebrate Christmas with?Make sure you settle all family matters so that you can start your own family in peace.

Sex. Understanding your partner’s perspective on sex is a fundamental step before getting married. It is crucial to know your partner’s expectations, opinions and past experiences.

Sex is a major issue for many couples and understanding your partner’s feelings about it may well save you from couples therapy.

Money. Money is certainly one of the most sensitive subjects to discuss as a couple. You’ll be pooling your lives and probably also your bank account. Salaries, inheritance money and bills will become shared problems. If you’re not on the same page when it comes to finances, your life together could suffer. Talk about managing your finances once you are married, how you will spend your money and any other financial issues.

Children. Traditionally, it is expected that a marriage will involve the imminent arrival of children. You should definitely discuss your desire to have children before you get married. Often couples break up because of opposing views on children. Raising children is not for everyone and it is important to know how you both feel about it. Talk about the number of children you want, the possibility of one parent staying at home and other issues to ensure you are on the same page.

Engagement is a time of anticipation and joy. During this short time in a couple’s life, it’s easy to get carried away dreaming of a grand dream wedding. However, don’t forget to spend time planning your subsequent life together, because after the celebrations, you have a whole life ahead of you.

Hope it was helpful!