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Kofi Kinaata’s ‘Copy’, Kwabena Flipz, Brings a New Fante Vibe to the Industry


Today, listeners on Zylofon FM and fans of artistic Ghanaian musician, Kofi Kinaata, were left in awe by an ostensibly similar voice of an underground artist, Kwabena Flipz.

Like Kofi Kinaata, Kwabena Flipz is of a Fante descent but comes from Ekumfiman in the Central region, he is also blessed with enviable rap and singing skills coupled with his thick Fante accent and comedic nature.

Accentuating on Kwabena Flipz music, the young artists turned hearts towards him with his ”my turn” single, his great lyrical and writing skills, his mellifluous voice, confidence and both rap and singing skills in general. Though he sees Kinaata as his role model, Kwabena Flipz made sure his contents were deprived of anything from his mentor like others normally do.

Like the listeners, pundits of the show also applauded his musical ingenuity and are ready to work with him on future projects as they welcomed him into the industry.

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Kwabena Flipz is currently pushing his single “My turn” on various platforms. Check him out on all social media @kwabenaflipz to follow this amazing talent.