Home Entertainment Kofi Kinaata is my all time crush—Mishasha discloses

Kofi Kinaata is my all time crush—Mishasha discloses


Almost every human being has had a crush. It is a very common human phenomenon. Some lead to marriage. Others do not.

Artiste Mishasha in an interview revealed that her all time crush is Kofi Kinaata.

According to her, Kofi Kinaata is handsome but her feeling is a healthy one. She doesn’t have any intention of acting on it.

She stated that she doesn’t know if she will be able to stand in front of Kofi Kinaata when she meets him in person. That is how deep her crush runs.

Mishasha indicated that Kofi Kinaata is her only crush because there is a long queue for other artistes like Sarkodie and she doesn’t like being number 2,000.

She stated that she has not heard of any girl crushing on Kofi Kinaata. She wants to play it safe.

Finally, the artiste indicated that after she has come out of her crushing, she would love to do a collaboration with Kofi Kinaata.