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Popular Ghanaian Youtube Couple, Kiki and Jay Break Up


Popular Ghanaian couple Kiki and Jay have finally called it quits after 4 years of sharing wonderful moments of love.

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The couple became household names when a video of them kissing went online. The couple then decided to go public by creating a YouTube channel to publicly showcase their affection for each other. From that moment, their love story seemed to be a perfect one.

Kiki & Jay - YouTube

However, the script of the beautiful love story has taken a quick turn after reports reports indicated that the two love birds are no longer dating. Twitter was buzzing about their break up and many were pointing fingers at Kiki, the guy for leaving the girl after coming down to his level to date him.

Explaining how events turned up, the guy said he was not the one who broke up with Jay but rather she did by sending a text message. He went ahead to read the text message sent by Jay to break up with him and finally broke down in tears.

Watch the video below