Home Entertainment Kendall Jenner Shares Nvked Photo Of Herself After Splitting From Devin Booker

Kendall Jenner Shares Nvked Photo Of Herself After Splitting From Devin Booker


Kendall Jenner has taken to Instagram to share very hot raunchy photos of herself with her fans.

Kendall Jenner naked photos comes jut days after she broke up with her boyfriend Devin Booker.

Kendall and Devin Booker have been dating for 2 years however separated in 2022.

Taking to Instagram Jenner shared five photos on Sunday.

One was a photo of her sushi, another was a photo of a house with plants inside of it.

The third photo was one of her horseback riding while jumping over a gate.

She also posted a video of herself driving, but the first photo is what threw fans for a loop.

The 26-year-old laid down on her stomach on a lounge chair outside. She had two blankets under her and wore nothing but a green baseball cap.

Kendall scrolled through her phone and had her legs crossed as her bikini laid on the chair next to her.

It was unclear who took the photo of her bare butt.She captioned the photo shot with a smiley, cheeky emoji.

Due to the nature of the photo, the post got a lot of likes and comments quickly.

Many people left fire emojis and simply the word “wow.”

But some fans are saying that the post is a thirst trap because she is recently single.

“Single energy lmao,” commented one follower.

“FR. Newly single energy,” someone replied to them.

To the original commenter, another wrote, “She’s trying to make Devin miss her by posting naked pics #girlsthesedays.”

“Love me some breakup posts,” a fourth added.

“Single and ready to mingle,” said another.

“Tell me you and your bf broke up without telling me you and your bf broke up,” joked one fan.

One last fan wrote, “Someone tell Devin to stay strong,” and added a laughing emoji.

Check photos below