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JUST-IN: Three Secrets You Should Keep from Your Wife Even if You Love Her So Much


There are some topics you should never discuss with anyone while you’re dating or married. Make it a habit to keep some things private. What might transpire between you two in the future is impossible to predict. You could say something to her that you later come to regret. The following things are things you should never tell her, no matter how much you love her.

1. Don’t ever provide your bank account details to her.

Kindly note that both your PIN code and account number are included.

A marriage will always have its ups and downs.

Never provide your account details to your wife, even though you should trust her.

You won’t like what she does to you if you ever get into a fight with her.

She has total authority over your money.

This does not, however, apply to all women. When you provide her with your information, make sure you’re acting legally.

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2. Hold back the number of women you’ve dated from her.

If you’ve dated a few people, you can let her know. However, you ought to keep your extensive list of ex-wives who are women to yourself if you have one. She will start to doubt you if there are lots of them. She’s going to call you a womanizer.

She’ll also get the notion that you’ll stop things with her in the same way you ended things with those previous ladies.

You ought to keep your secrets to yourself as a result.

3. Don’t ever compliment her negatively.

A few married guys err in this regard.

Keep your wife’s weight a secret from her.

Don’t criticize her appearance while she is sleeping.

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Find something uplifting to say to her if you want to congratulate her.

One of the key causes of most married women’s infidelity is this.

If her husband does not compliment her well, she will hunt for someone who does.

You should thus avoid telling her these things.

Until and unless it is of utmost importance never ever open the closed Book. It may sound selfish but still never tell everything about your monetary possessions. I mean how much money you have in FD or you have in stocks (especially before marriage)or your parents gave you, don’t reveal until it is do or die condition.