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J. Cole & Kanye West Sat Together At NBA All-Star Game


After years of throwing Subliminals at Kanye West in his music, J. Cole was seated next to the rapper at NBA All-Star Weekend and nobody looked happy about it.

Among all the high-profile guests at the NBA All-Star Game last night in Chicago, Illinois, one of the strangest appearances had to go to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West being seated right next to J. Cole in the courtside area.

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The two rappers have never seemed to see eye-to-eye on things and, while there’s certainly mutual respect, West’s recent behavior has led the Dreamville head honcho to be critical of him in his music. Most notably, their differences were displayed on “False Prophets,” a song which Cole has confirmed relates to Kanye partially.

For some reason, the two rappers reunited on the sidelines this weekend and, when a photographer walked over to grab a few shots of them, nobody looked too pleased about the situation.

“Cole sitting with Kanye after he’s been dissing him on songs for the past like 3 years is kinda wild,” wrote Drew Corrigan, a Philadelphia 76ers commentator, on Twitter. The post included a photo of Cole and Kanye looking miserable.

Fans are commenting that the North Carolina rapper looks like he wishes he could be anywhere but in that stadium at that moment, whereas Ye’s smug look is somewhat on-brand for him anyways. Still, they likely would have preferred getting seated a little further away from each other.

At least they enjoyed a good showing from both All-Star squads, who put on an exhibition game that we’ll remember for the next few years. Do you think the tension was as strong between Cole and Kanye as it seems?