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Ivy Queen’s daughter Naiovy Kháli Star Sánchez, Father, Children, Age, Bio


Who is Ivy Queen’s daughter? Naiovy Kháli Star Sánchez is the daughter of Ivy Queen who is a Puerto Rican singer, rapper, songwriter, and actress. She is considered one of the pioneers of the reggaeton genre, commonly referred to as the Queen of Reggaeton. How old is Ivy Queen daughter? Her daughter is 8 years old and is the only child born by the singer.

NameNaiovy Kháli Star Sánchez
Age8 years
MotherIvy Queen
FatherXavier Sánchez
Siblings2 (Ivy Queen adopted children)

Ivy Queen daughter

Ivy Queen’s daughter was born in November 2013 (age 8 years) in Puerto Rico. The father of her daughter is father is Xavier Sánchez. However, Ivy Queen was married to fellow reggaeton singer Omar Navarro, known by his stage name Gran Omar. They were divorced in 2005. Queen said she never found Omar in the act of adultery and said that if she had, she would be in La Vega Alta—a women’s prison in Puerto Rico.

She also said she had not physically assaulted Omar’s alleged mistress. She stated they had not lived together for two months, citing the “extensive travels of her husband and his workload of being a producer” as causes of the end of the nine-year marriage.

A year after their separation, Omar said that Queen had tricked him, and that she owed him money from the sales and production of the album Cosa Nostra: Hip-Hop, which they presented together because of their obligations and contract with Univision. Jorge Guadalupe—Ivy Queen’s manager—invited Omar to take legal action.

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Guadalupe called Omar “someone who misses the money and the high-life” he had while he was married to Queen. No legal action was taken, however. Omar appeared on television station Telefutura’s program Escándalo TV and accused Queen of being unfaithful in their marriage. Ivy Queen, however, denied the claims.

Queen was in a relationship with DJ Urba from mid-2006 to the end of 2007. In 2010, after Ivy Queen invited American actor Vin Diesel to attend 2010 Premios Juventud, it was rumored they were in a relationship together. She told Escándalo TV that there was no romance between them and that they were just good friends.

Ivy Queen has said she identifies with “Menor Que Yo”—a song where she was “talking about reality when she wrote it”—in her personal life. She said the song is about what happens to a lot of women. “I was talking about reality when I wrote it. About what happens to a lot of women. I think that there’s no age requirement for two people who love each other. It’s mostly about how people react when they see a mature woman who’s with a younger man … They think it’s for money. They never think that there might be a connection, chemistry.

She later said “Sentimientos” was the song that best represented her at that time, saying, ” … if you think you can only conquer me if you’re famous, rich and have an expensive car, you’re wrong, because I’m a woman who needs affection, someone to open the door for me, to bring me flowers and sing to me.”

Queen does not drink alcohol. She said that although she quit high school after her fourth year (eleventh grade), she graduated from the Academy “Street” with a Bachelor of Life and honors. She said her vocabulary is “that of the street”, and that if she could do something other than singing she would go to college.

Ivy Queen married Puerto Rican choreographer Xavier Sánchez in late 2012. She announced in June 2013 that the couple was expecting their first child. Before becoming naturally pregnant, Queen adopted two Latino children. She revealed her baby bump at the Calibash 2013 concert which was headlined by R&B singer Chris Brown. Their daughter Naiovy Kháli Star Sánchez was born in November 2013. In June 2016, Queen’s father died of pulmonary cancer.

As of 2022, Ivy Queen’s daughter whose birth name is Naiovy Kháli Star Sánchez exact net worth hasn’t been revealed yet.