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“It’s Definitely True! Women Bring Each Other Down In The Industry”. – Mzvee


Women in the Ghanaian music industry for a long time have been two steps behind the men in the industry; when it comes to collaborations, deals, tours, shows, hit songs, etc. The females though working hard seem to be lagging behind the men. According to some of the female artists, this is mainly because the industry does not support female artists and has had to deal with so many obstacles like sexual favors to make it in the business. Other opinions have it that the women are not confident enough to fight for what they want as the men do. But another opinion that has become very popular has been that the few women keep backbiting and bringing each other down in the industry.

Speaking to MZVee on the issue, she confirmed that “It’s definitely true, women bring each other down in the industry.” This also corroborates what Sista Afia said in a live video a week ago about women being their own enemies in the Ghanaian music industry with most of them claiming “Queenship” in the industry and their clear reluctance to collaborate with colleague female artists on projects.

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In spite of all this, MzVee is relentless about her ambition to bring the women together to support and connect with each other citing an example with her birthday celebration last year. One female artist who seems to have adopted a new strategy to push other ladies that’s worth emulating has been Efya Noktunal who periodically posts the links to the songs of some of the female artists on her social media handle to support them. Female artists are encouraged to do the same instead of being their own enemies and blaming the industry for it.

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