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Is Ali of TV 3 Date Rush secretly married? Take a critical look at these photos


TV3 Date Rush season 5 has not yet ended but in my opinion, Ali has been trending than any other guy on the show. From the time he came to the show till when he got a date, social media users have been talking about Ali.

What shot him to fame more was when Shemimah chose him to be her date. Since then till now, Ali is many people’s favorite.

Though he has come out to make the public know that, his family were not happy when they saw him on date rush. Despite the challenges from the camp of the family, he has also revealed how the show has helped him and even used the opportunity to give credit to Giovani Caleb.

Date Rush is known to be a programme for eligible singles who are ready to find love. So it is expected of those who represent to be single and nothing else. But a photo of Ali has been sighted and observed critically where he is wearing a ring.

When you observe it well, you will realize the ring is on the left ring finger where a married person is supposed to put it on. It has not been officially confirmed by him but it is not also known whether he is legally married before or after the show without people knowing.

Check photo below: