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“I’m Sorry, I Love You And I Know You Love Me Too Deep Down Within” -Sista Afia tells Freda Rhymes


There is no doubt that calm words make the case rest. The unending beef and strong emotional rebattles between Sista Afia and Freda Rhymes got to the apex at the studio of United television during McBrown’s show. The two rappers exchanged strong verbal arsenals against each other that nearly got Freda Rhymes exiting the live tv show.

Bulldog was at the studio. As a constant guest of the show, he made it his duty to ensure there is peace and all misunderstandings attracted his calm words.

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Entertainment critic, Arnold was present and occasionally supported either rapper based on pionts they develop.

Clearly the two musicians don’t appear cool as they both interrupt each other countless times and calling each other “emotional rapper”.

Shortly, a while before anybody could figure, Sista Afia made a bold and unexpected decision by apologizing to Freda Rhymes and confessing her love for her. She also added she has no shred of doubt the rapper, Freda Rhymes also loves her deep within her heart.

This move left Arnold surprised and expressed his discomfort in the move – claiming rappers don’t apologise in beefs but Bulldog and Nana Ama McBrown went on to congratulate the “wmt” singer and further asked Freda to acknowledge the truce.

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Sista Afia and Freda Rhymes’ beef started when Freda made a diss track against Sista Afia to “advice and entertain her fans” as she says in her own words.

Ghana Music industry is getting more interesting and entertaining as female rappers take over the game and bring joy to many Ghanaians through their music and attractive videos.

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