Home Entertainment “I’m Now in Ghana to Promote Bad Energy”-Ahkan

“I’m Now in Ghana to Promote Bad Energy”-Ahkan


The legendary Ahkan of the Ruff n smooth duo who has been away for some time after the breakup of the group is back with a monster hit titled Bad Energy.

After the duo parted, Ahkan still held the baton and carried on as a solo artist working hard to drive the vision and mission for his music. While most Ghanaians haven’t heard much of Ahkan for some time now, He has been pursuing music full time in the US as well as Ghana. Dropping songs like Amina, Woa, and Obama Dance, to mention a few.

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Bad energy is no different from other masterpieces created by Ahkan, touching on anybody who finds him or herself hating on someone else’s success. The lyrical ingenuity alongside his mellifluous voice and experienced singing skills makes Bad Energy a piece worth listening to, dancing to, and learning from.

With his physical presence in Ghana to promote this masterpiece, Bad Energy is expected to be one of the hit songs in Ghana for the year 2020. Ahkan is currently on a radio tour promoting and registering himself in the hearts and minds of all good music lovers.