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“I Will Make Sure I Close That FM Station” – Kennedy Agyapong Boldly Declares


Social media is still buzzling with the ‘Fix The Country’ campaign. The week has seen many Ghanaians hitting hard at the leaders of the country for the economic hardships of the country.

There have been counter arguments from some people especially of the ruling NPP who feel the problem is more of Ghanaians fixing their attitude first.

Kennedy Agyapong, tonight, Friday, May 7, 2021 on ‘The Attitude with Kennedy Agyapong’ has hit at Ghanaians and told them to fix their attitude. He cited an example with his own FM station in Kumasi, Ash FM. He maintained that he will sack the workers and close the station if he goes to the premises.

“I felt so sad listening to Ash FM this week. Their news presentation is appalling. After the news was done then came sports and you could barely hear what the presenter was saying. The presenter was talking like a villager. I called one person at the station and he said in Kumasi that is how news is presented. It was so sad. I will close down that station. About 80% of journalists are criminals. They should dare me if I am lying.

Ash FM, listen to me, Kumasi listeners do not like to listen to just anything. They want something intelligent. Since I opened Ash FM, we have won awards for Sports and even the news team has also won awards so I don’t know why they have lowered the standards. It is about fixing your attitude. The station just has GHc7,365 in their accounts. They should tell me if their earnings can buy the cars they ride. Immediately, I visit the place I will close them down” Kennedy Agyapong said

Fix the country or Fix your attitude? Do you agree with Kennedy Agyapong?