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I took care of him when he had an accident and was in a wheelchair for months but as soon as he got well, he cheated on me – Lady cries out


A man has betrayed his girlfriend despite the selfless love and commitment she invested into their relationship.

The aggrieved lady shared her predicament on social media highlighting how incorrigible some men can be. In her words, during the second month of their relationship, he had an accident and she stayed to nurse him wholeheartedly.

She furthered that the impact of the accident confined him to a wheelchair for four months but instead of abandoning him, she stayed and nursed him.

Shockingly as soon as he recuperated and literally rose to his feet, the first thing which filled his lustful head was to cheat on her with another woman.

She posted;

@reybecar_ wrote; ”I dated my bf for 6 months, on the 2nd month of our relationship he got into an accident and was a wheel in a chair for 4 months, during those months I was there for him and all, long story cut short, he got back to his feet last week the first thing he had to do was to cheat on me.”