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I Never Said I Have Sex With My Wife Everyday – Praye Tietia Denies Rumor


Praye Tietia of the famous Praye group, also known as Cartel big j has denied rumors circulating that he has sex with his wife, Actress Selly Galley every day but can’t get pregnant.

He said “Because of Showbiz, people make aggressive, the bloggers have become many so everybody is chancing clout and looking for traffic, so people will put a caption to bring traffic so I understand”

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Cartel big J quickly added that those bloggers putting up stories, should remember that, celebrities are also humans just like them.

Some of the captions are too hush and some of the stories are false, he added.

“Sometimes when you see a caption and decide to read the story, It’s totally different, I never said anything, there is no way I can even say anything like that, but its showbiz.

He said this in an interview with Abeiku Santana.