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‘I Need A Matured and Responsible Man In My Life’ – Peju Johnson


Nollywood actress, Peju Johnson has said that she is direly in need of a mature man to be her husband.

Peju Johnson, in an exclusive chat with Inside Nollywood, made it emphatically clear that she would rather prefer remaining single than be the second wife to a man.

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However, the beautiful Yoruba thespian said that no one in her family is giving her pressure to get married and she is waiting patiently on God for her life partner

She said,

“Never would  I get into a polygamous marriage. I cannot marry people’s husband. I’m not in a rush at all. My own husband would come through. So far, nobody is pressurizing me to get married. My mum is the most understanding mother. And she knows when the time is right, I’ll do the right thing. I’m still young. I’m also waiting on God’s timing and prolly when a responsible man that want the same thing I want come around.”