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I Masturbated, I wanted to commit Suicide—Freelove


Portia Yayrah Freelove of date rush reality show revealed to Zionfelix in an interview that she used to masturbate.

She explained she regretted doing it. Because it wasn’t right. She stated she touched on her dark part.

She indicated a lot of people are going through the issue of masturbation. But they don’t want to open up.

Moreover, Freelove revealed she was depressed and she nearly committed suicide. Because she was getting the “ you cannot do it”, “ I will kill your career before you get there” vibe around her.

She made it known that it takes a huge step for one to pull him or herself from a dark place mentally.

In her final words, she indicated her new show titled “I am every woman” is in the pipeline. The show will be aired on her Youtube channel and other social media platforms.