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I can be crowned the ‘biggest artiste’ in Ghana – Lasmid


The new artiste on the block, Lasmid, has topped music charts for weeks with his hit single ‘Friday Night’, a favourite of music lovers in Ghana and parts of the African continent.

According to the hitmaker, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to crown him as the biggest artiste in Ghana at the moment due to the buzz and attention he has created with his latest single.

When radio presenter, Nana Romeo Welewele, hosted the young champ, he questioned Lasmid on whether he is indeed the “biggest artiste” in Ghana currently considering the impact his senior colleagues still hold in the industry.

Choosing his words carefully, Lasmid answered: “The biggest artiste in Ghana currently? I will assume so because I am topping charts on all the streaming platforms. I haven’t overtaken anyone, I have something new, and I am trending. Maybe some artiste will soon resurface.”

He again attributed the success of ‘Friday Night’ to the support of the media and social media users who have been captured either singing or dancing to his track.

“The TikTokers and media are doing the magic for me. I have sought any form of spiritual backing. Big shoutout to TikTokers, the media and a big shoutout to every Ghanaian, and Africa for supporting me. Thank you,” he said.

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