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I brushed my teeth six times for a kissing scene – Tiwa Savage on new movie


Renowned Nigerian songstress, Tiwa Savage, has shared an encounter about her meticulous preparation for a kissing scene in her debut movie, ‘Water & Garri.’

In an interview with BET, Tiwa Savage revealed that she went to great lengths to ensure impeccable hygiene on set, particularly for the intimate scene.

Explaining her actions, Tiwa Savage emphasized that the kissing scene was scheduled for her first day of filming.

Aware of the significance of making a positive impression, she diligently brushed her teeth multiple times to ensure freshness and comfort for both herself and her co-star.

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Recalling the moment, Tiwa Savage highlighted the importance of creating a conducive atmosphere for her fellow actors, underscoring how their comfort could impact the overall vibe of the set.

In addition to her own preparations, Tiwa Savage noted that her co-star, Andrew Bunting, who portrayed the character Kay, also took similar precautions by thoroughly rinsing his mouth.

“The first day on set, I had my kissing scene. I am glad it was my first day because I just entered it. I remember in my dressing room, I brushed my teeth like five or six times because I needed to represent,” she retorted.

Grateful for the supportive environment provided by the cast, Tiwa Savage expressed her gratitude for their kindness, which contributed to a smooth and comfortable experience on her first day of shooting, despite the intimate scene.

Meanwhile, ‘Water and Garri’ has achieved remarkable success on Prime Video Nigeria, becoming the platform’s biggest weekend opener to date with the highest number of streams among all titles.