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I am not Appreciated Enough in the Music Industry—Ahkan


A lot of artistes complain bitterly whenever they are asked if they are appreciated in the Ghana Music Industry. Their answer everyday is no. Are there any criteria an artiste must meet before being appreciated?

Ahkan a former member of Ruff & Smooth on GHone disclosed he is not appreciated enough in the music industry. The song writer and artiste explained Ruff & Smooth were one of the pioneers of Afrobeats in Ghana. But their effort in the music industry was not appreciated or seen.

Furthermore, the artiste indicated that their well-known song, “Swagger” did not get the appropriate recognition. Because it did not win Ghana Music Awards.

The musician revealed he has a lot of projects in the pipeline with other artistes across the globe. And Ghana should watch out for him.

Do you need to win an award for a song before a musician can be appreciated? Because it seems most times the problem boils down to awards. Share your thoughts in the comment section.