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I am not afraid of any Rapper in Ghana – Strongman


Rapper strongman has disclosed in a Skype interview with MzGee that he is ready for any emcee in Ghana.

Speaking of fans, earlier this month, calling for a battle between Strongman and his senior colleague Yaa Pono.

“Yaa Pono is like a godfather to me…so there wouldn’t be any battle of that sought. I knew Yaa Pono like two years before I even got to meet Sarkodie…,” the ‘Bossu’ rapper revealed, adding “I do respect Yaa Pono any day, anytime”

According to Strongman, he has a very healthy relationship with Yaa Pono and they talk a lot.

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“This game, respect is very necessary… so for me I do respect a whole lot of people in this game that is why when someone comes to disrespect me, I feel bad…,” Strongman expatiated.

The rapper added that “I do respect people who came before I came…I will only choose to reply a beef in case some throws a shot at me.”

While he respects people, Strongman stressed that he is “not afraid of any MC [rapper] in Ghana.

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