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I am in tears, I am humbled, I met Sarkodie and he is following me on Instagram—Akuapem Poloo


Following the baby christening of musician Donzy, he invited some celebrities and Sarkodie was present. Akuapem Poloo was also present.

The actress expressed how happy and humbled she was when Sarkodie followed her back on Instagram. She posted a picture of herself and Sarkodie on her Instagram page with the caption, “ OMG OMG what? Nooo I am in tears ? My boss eii Sarkodie is following me back oh what a happy day…”

Again, the actress also expressed how happy she was to have met Sarkodie for the first time. She captioned her post, “my king my legend my boss and my big bro, I am so humbled and blessed to have met you ?”.

Her followers and fans commended her on how she appreciates people and things by going all out to display it in public.

Photo of the posts are provided below