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How Wanlov the Kubolor reacted to the revised anti-LGBT bill penalties


Ghanaian activist and musician, Wanlov the Kubolor, has reacted to the decision by the Parliament of Ghana to pass a bill that imposes severe sentences for anyone involved in LGBTQ+ activities, either as participants or promoters.

The bill stipulates that those who engage in LGBTQ+ activities will face six months to three years in prison, while those who promote, sponsor, or support such activities will face three to five years in prison.

The bill, which aims to protect human sexual rights and family values, was defended by MP Sam Nartey George, who said that the public was worried about the advocacy and promotion of such activities.

Reacting to the development on his X handle, Wanlov the Kubolor who is known for his outspoken support for LGBTQ+ rights, slammed the bill and its supporters.

He posted, “future generations will be more disgusted with our era than any other.”

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About the bill

The anti-LGBTQ+ bill faces more changes by a parliamentary committee before it becomes law.

Rights groups warn that the bill if passed as it is, could lead to persecution and harassment of sexual minorities, their supporters, and their allies. They would also be forced to report their activities to the authorities.

The law would make it illegal, with up to five years in jail, to be a LGBTQ+ person, to have a same-sex relationship or sex.

It would also outlaw marrying or planning to marry someone who has changed their sex through surgery, with up to five years in jail.

The bill also deals with “gross indecency in public”. Any public display of love between people of the same sex, or people who identify as a different gender from their sex, or who have changed their sex through surgery, would also be illegal.

It would also forbid “cross-dressing”, allowing anyone who dresses in a way that does not match their biological sex to be prosecuted.

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