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How to Avoid the Transmission of HIV From an Infected Person


Can certain procedures, and even certain body fluids, prevent HIV transmission if performed by a person infected with the virus?

Our concern about the virus has led to chronic fear and to the making of many hypotheses that have no basis in fact in medical research.

A recent article in Healthline looks at some of the ways in which HIV cannot be acquired from one or more infected individuals. Relax and learn something new while reading this article.

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So how can you avoid getting HIV from an infected person if you do not have physical contact with them?

1. by kissing with your mouth closed.

2. by sweating or using another person’s sweaty clothes.

3. no matter how forceful the hug is, the virus is not transmitted.

4. you cannot transmit the virus from an infected person simply by using the same toilet.

5. Drinking water from the same well does not transmit the virus from someone who is already ill. You should not avoid contact with someone just because they are infected.

6. Sharing a toothbrush with an infected person does not transmit the virus, but can spread other diseases such as gingivitis and mononucleosis.

7. Infections can only be transmitted through open skin wounds, so bites that do not bleed are harmless.