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Hookup girl reveals client who gave her fake dollars after using her all night long


A Nigerian hookup girl with the handle @lolly.choko has shared a video on her Instagram page.

Per what she said in the video, she realised she was paid with fake dollars after her overnight service.

Sharing detailed information with her Instagram followers, she couldn’t contain her frustration over being deceived.

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Narrating what happened, she said a man from abroad approached her for her services and she emphasized that she had done her job flawlessly.

However, her hopes were shattered when she discovered that the money she received was nothing more than counterfeit paper disguised as dollar bills.

As the new year began, she couldn’t help but pour her heart out, filled with a sense of disappointment and betrayal.

Netizens React

@dara_croft: madam change your style, stop irritating people here

@dont_trust_any1or2: Una no get sense ur own na oko nd obo

Another user wrote, “You din greee for him????????Otilo”

@iamdikeh: “This one don gree for somebody, shebi we talk say we no Dey gree for anybody this year”

@dr.legendclothing wrote: “He will think he has won…Don’t worry .. He will soon find out that the Gonorrhea you gave him is Original????????”

@ayo.solarin: “How people dey talk these things with so much confidence?”

@midey 231: “Every morning we wake up, We should be grateful that none of our family members is out here disgracing us. Cus wtf is this????????”

oluwakemi._o: “Why u self collect dollar why u no collect naira????”