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Ghanaian Pastor shaves pubic hair of female church members, says it’s biblical


A Ghanaian man of God (if you can call him that) has justified why he personally shaves the pubic hair of his female congregants in church as a direction from God despite criticisms he has faced by doing so.

The pastor whose identity is not yet clear in a video sighted by Ghanatribune.com could be seen engaging in the act and with a Junior pastor of his who collected the shaved hair with napkin during church service.

While in the act, he lamented the backlash a section of the public have subjected him to, saying they call him a fake pastor because they don’t understand the word of God.

“When I finish the direction(shaving pubic hair of members), I will personally bath you to cleanse you. When I do these directions, people say I’m not from God, if I’m not from God, am I from your mother? Or from your wife’s pant? He quizzed.

Netizens have reacted to the video and many have been bashing the pastor but also blaming the congregants for being foolish enough to follow such a fake pastor parading as a man of God. See the reaction and video below..

Angela Agudey wrote: Could it be these people have been spiritually blinded nd indoctrinated? It doesn’t seem normal for people to do such stuff. I pray this man is arrested with immediate effect. This’s so sad.

Wax Wise Arimatea wrote: Ohhhhh ghana oooo very sad this all to becomes free or rich but after the richness wont you die of you will leave forever

Armstrong Evan’s wrote: I blame the women and ladies in the country, for entertaining such evil deeds. The ladies brought sin and are on the way tarnishing Christianity. This is stupidity our ladies should reason like human beings. Stop following these useless people.

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