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Ghana places third on the global list of nations that managed Covid-19 in the best way


A new report has come out and has outlined the nations in the world that have done so well with the management and containment of global pandemic, COVID-19.

According to yicaiglobal.com, China performed the best in terms of COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures, economic recovery and international cooperation.

The research was carried out with 108 countries surveyed by the Yicai Research Institute.

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Nine out of the top 10 countries that scored high marks in the survey were in the Asia-Pacific region, namely South Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia and New Zealand.

Ghana, the only African country that made the 10 ten and scored high marks, placed third.

The West African state scored 58.8% and came behind China which scored 68.1% and Sri Lanka which scored 59.2% respectively.

Germany was the highest-scoring European country, coming in 23rd, with Austria, Greece and Switzerland also among the continent’s better performers.

The US and Brazil, both countries with leaders who initially downplayed the problem and with lower levels of co-operation by the public, ranked 98th and 89th respectively.

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