Get Rid Of Scratches On Your Phone Screen With Toothpaste


    Of course, you want to avoid it, but mishaps do occur. There’s a decent possibility your phone screen could get scratched if you keep your keys and phone in the same pocket. Although it could seem like the end of the world, this is not necessarily the case. Did you know that getting rid of these scrapes is actually rather simple? The secret component is something you already have in your bathroom at home!

    Scratches On Your Phone Screen

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    Okay, let’s face it, there isn’t much you can do to rescue your screen if it like the one in this image. Our advice won’t work, but you might be able to hire a technician to install a new screen for you. You can remove scratches with the use of our lifehack, nevertheless. Everyone has been in the situation when the screen is totally functional but you just cannot ignore the scratches. While scrolling and swiping, you can feel them, and you can always see them. You may ultimately get rid of them with the aid of this clever approach.

    Here’s What You’ll Need To Do:

    Actually, it’s rather easy. You’ll need a tube of standard, white toothpaste, a q-tip, and your phone. A sophisticated whitening toothpaste or microbead-filled gel is not necessary. simple white toothpaste, the kind we’ve all used to have. To avoid adding to the scratches, ensure sure there isn’t any dust or other debris on the screen. Next, put some toothpaste on the q-tip and generously wipe it over the scrape. After that, use the q-tip to make small circular motions on and around the scratch. You’ll see the scratch immediately fade if it isn’t too deep. The remaining toothpaste should be gently removed with a wet towel.

    How It Works

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    The fact that toothpaste functions in this situation actually makes a lot of sense. The white substance’s only purpose is to provide a polishing effect. It works well to remove plaque from your teeth, level out the color, and polish off blemishes like this one. Avoid applying too much toothpaste to your screen because doing so might generate fuzzy patches rather than merely a scratch. That would imply that you would eventually need to visit a phone repair shop. This time, though, it would be for those dull spots and a phone that has a faint toothpaste scent, not for a scratch.