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Fredarhymz Cowardly Denies KMT Being a Diss Song To Sista Afia


It seems unlike the men in the Ghanaian music industry, the women are not as confident and strong as they purport to be. Their constant denial of the obvious truth has made it difficult to fully support what they stand for since they keep denying their own actions.

Fredarhymz, after Sista Afia dropped her WMT, also replied with KMT directly criticizing and mocking Sista Afia for being an emotional singer. Like Sista Afia, Fredarhymz today on GHOneTV has denied throwing shots at Sista Afia with her KMT song.

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Like most viewers of the show, the host did not accept her reply to the inspiration behind KMT, after beating about the bush for a while she finally admitted that she may have somehow been inspired by sista Afia’s WMT.

These actions of the female artists in the Ghanaian music industry seems to corroborate what some say about them and how they are not mentally prepared for what they say they want. FredaRhymz and Sista Afia happen to be a perfect example since they both denied what they say especially when people started paying attention to them as they wanted.

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