For my ladies: Clear your infections with these two ingredients


    Infections are really bad when a lady contracts them. It can be as a result of contracting it at a public washroom especially. There is what we call yeast infections also known as candidiasis which causes irritation and itchiness of the vagina. 

    Ever heard of bagawura and hwentia used to fight infections? Yes, that’s right. You might have heard the name of these two somewhere, but didn’t what they were for. 

    Bagawura also known as acacia. Best home diet says “it fights infection and aids female fertility and mainly used after birth for those who feel too wide after normal delivery”.

    Hwentia also known as negro pepper can also be used to help fight infections. It also has the same properties as the bagawura as well. 

    All you must do is to wash them well and place them into a bottle for some time, till it turns brown. Then you can start with the consumption and washing of the area, till you see results. Get rid of that infection now!