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Fella Makafui and Sister Derby at It Again!


Yesterday, the 5th of April 2020 was the birthday of the award-winning rapper, Medikal, and the husband of popular Ghanaian actress and business mogul, Fella Makafui.

While social media was flooded with wishes and love for the artist from colleague artists and loved ones, one of such posts that caught the eyes of most people was a birthday post from Fella Makafui’s rival and Medikal’s immediate ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby.

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In a post which read “Happy birthday, my sweet Ex” on a romantic picture that seems to be from their time together garnered a lot of love and admiration for the Kanzo hitmaker as they equated that act to maturity.

As social media was in a frenzy about the post, Mrs. Precious Fella Frimpong dropped an image of her nuptials with Medikal. This subtly acts of the actress had various definitions read into it with many saying this was to silence everybody applauding and comparing her to Sister Derby which means “he might be your ex, but he’s now my husband, or I got the ring.”

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This, of course, has got the three of them in the trends for a long time with spectators using this opportunity to speculate all sorts of theories. However, Sister Derby in a recent post has called it a “my sweet ex challenge” with audio. Yet people are not buying it and believe that she may still have some residual feelings for her ex, Medikal.