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FAO Job Vacancy For SHS Graduates


Here is the FAO Job Vacancy For SHS Graduates. The company is looking for a Security Assistant. The Security Assistant supports the  function of daily security services and the supervision of security personnel on duty.

He/she monitors installed security equipment, systems and procedures and provides immediate assistance to security emergencies.

Key Functions/Results (FAO Job Vacancy For SHS Graduates)

  • Assist in monitoring and coordinating the work of a team of contracted security guards at RAF premises;
  • Ensure that posts are covered at all times and assign daily duties to security staff, including fire control and physical security of the premises, staff safety and first aid procedures, use of equipment and operation of the automated alarm and video surveillance systems; resolve problems or refer them to supervisors;
  • Monitor the performance of duties of contracted security guards throughout the premises and ensure that all posts are covered appropriately;
  • Apply security and safety measures during special events at FAO premises; 
  • Support the implementation of security emergency preparedness protocols and security plan;
  •  Maintain updated personnel database and file for personnel identification cards, including production;
  • Prepare security briefings documents for personnel including new arrivals and their dependents;
  • Assist with inquiries and investigations in cases of security incidents affecting FAO personnel and assets;
  • Assist FAO personnel in cases of security emergencies and assist with coordination of response;
  • Prepare various reports in a timely manner according to the United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS) guidelines;
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Requirement 

Candidates will be assessed against the following 

Education: Secondary School Education.

 Five years of experience with a national or international police force, armed forces, a private security organization, fire brigade or security service of a large organization, or in a position requiring high security, confidentiality and total integrity. Experience in managing small teams and a limited number of assets.

 Working knowledge (Level C) of English limited knowledge (Level B) of other FAO official language.

IT Skills: Basic knowledge of the MS Office applications, Internet and office technology equipment.

Technical Skills

  • Good knowledge of the use of security and safety systems and of applying protective procedures and techniques
  • Good knowledge of FAO’s organizational units, their functions and key personnel
  • Ability to render First Aid
  • Ability to intervene on a Fire Incident
  • Extent and relevance of experience in preparing security briefs, reports and presentations.

 How To Apply For FAO Job Vacancy For SHS Graduates