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Fake and useless celebrities – MC Yaa Yeboah calls out Fella Makafui, Hajia Bintu


Ghanaian media personality MC Yeboah has criticized some female celebrities, questioning the effectiveness and safety of teas and other substances marketed for slimming the body and enhancing buttocks and breasts.

Expressing scepticism based on personal experience and concerns for a friend’s health, she emphasized that none of these products has ever yielded positive results, citing a specific case where a friend suffered from an infection after using such a product.

Her remarks were prompted by recent claims from Medikal, who disclosed that his ex-wife, Fella Makafui, underwent a tummy tuck procedure to promote her slim tea business.

Medikal alleged that Fella imported waist trainers, slim teas, and other products from Alibaba.com, contradicting her claims of using original, organic, and locally sourced ingredients.

In the wake of public backlash and accusations of deception, Fella has faced condemnation, with many questioning the efficacy of her products and some boycotting them.

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Joining the tall list of critics, MC Yeboah has labelled Fella Makafui as fake and deceitful, echoing sentiments of distrust towards celebrities involved in similar ventures.

She questioned the scientific basis behind the claims of certain teas and body enhancement products, expressing frustration over the influence of celebrities promoting these items without evidence of their efficacy.

Expressing concern for consumers’ health and well-being, she highlighted the harmful consequences of using such products.

“Can anybody show me which science makes the ass and breast fat by using these products because I have a school daughter who is suffering from an infection just because of these products? Just because of these useless celebrities…

“You people will go and fix your bodies, go and pump fat into your breast and buttocks and you’ll come and sell tea that you imported from China to us? It saddens me that sometimes the FDA goes ahead to approve some of these drugs without doing due diligence. It’s not just Fella Makafui doing these things. There are a lot of them. These influencers have undergone surgery to advertise these products,” she fumed during a discussion on Neat FM.

She added, “The likes of Hajia Bintu and Chichi are all doing it. Are they all not liars? Are they not fake? And you call yourselves celebrities… Or you don’t know that as celebrities, people reference you as an authority in society. What is that? Why?”

Directing her fury towards regulatory authorities like the FDA, she called for accountability and stricter scrutiny of these products, urging authorities to fulfil their mandate in safeguarding public health.

She underscored the urgency of addressing these issues and holding regulatory bodies accountable for their oversight, emphasizing the need for transparency and diligence in ensuring consumer safety.

She said: “This time around, we will go for the institutions. They have to explain to us why they are not doing their job. And if it is a result of the government’s refusal to give them the things needed for their job, they should pack their tools.”