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Eiii I was scammed—Berla Mundi cries


Few days ago, Berla, Mundi, Sarkodie, Dblack and others were awarded the 7th global humanitarian service awards. The awards was in remembrance to the late UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

The award scheme was attended by a lot of high profile people. People from diverse background were given this award. From entertainment, business, agriculture among others.

News circulating on social media is that the award scheme was a scam which was perpetrated by one Mr. Fordjour who is believed to be the representative for the award scheme.

Berla Mundi has tweeted on her Twitter page confirming this allegation. She tweeted, “eiiiii so the fake is the award?. Akoa yi ay3 madi k3se…Yenk) Psalm 121”

Photo of the post is provided below